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Da Thadiya

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Da Thadya malayalam movie onlineCast: DJ Sekhar Menon, Sreenath Bhasi

Director: Aashiq Abu

Production House: OPM Production

Music: Bijibal

Cinematography: Shyju Khalid

Story/Writer: Syam Pushkaran, Dileesh Nair, Abhilash Kumar


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awesome comments!
25 Comments from
1# From User:Sanjay Khan Time:07-04-2013 16:09:12
Message:തടിയൻ ക്ലൈമാക്സിൽ കലക്കി.
2# From User:Anu AnAnthu Time:03-04-2013 13:57:38
Message:interval ayi..kuzhappamilla
3# From User:Leyens Paul Time:04-04-2013 05:27:59
Message:these vidto $ lobovideo are really bad.. not able to watch properly in these.. try to upload in other good players.
4# From User:Saju Sadasivan Time:03-04-2013 12:42:19
Message:enthe faisu kanathe.............
5# From User:Abdul Rasheed Kottakkal Time:03-04-2013 14:59:23
Message:kanaan pattunnilla cut cut.
6# From User:Ash Geo Time:03-04-2013 13:14:19
Message:good movie..
7# From User:Thoufeekras Ti Time:03-04-2013 16:15:28
Message:film kanan pattunilla.
8# From User:Jobbin Thomas Time:03-04-2013 17:32:58
Message:It's a new generation movieee
9# From User:Mahin K Nazar Time:03-04-2013 18:25:30
10# From User:Shihab Tk Time:03-04-2013 15:17:05
Message:good movie
11# From User:Faisu Islam Time:03-04-2013 12:40:45
12# From User:പുതുപ്പാടി കൂട്ടം Time:03-04-2013 19:29:39
Message:onum kanunilla
13# From User:Hashimhydros Hashim Time:04-04-2013 00:19:14
Message:thoufiiiiiiiiiiiii download cheyada...
14# From User:Luqueman Abdulkalam Time:04-04-2013 12:50:49
Message:Too much buffering. I cant see properly.
15# From User:Musthafa Pk Time:04-04-2013 13:25:42
16# From User:Rejipsamfromdoha Qatar Time:04-04-2013 23:03:23
Message:Machu its gr't kollam nalla cinema.
17# From User:Suhail Dilhesha Time:05-04-2013 11:07:06
Message:daaa bufferaa
18# From User:Babushyju Shyju Time:05-04-2013 19:47:41
Message:the thadiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa adi poli movie ellavarum kananam.
19# From User:Rejith Kumar Time:05-04-2013 11:04:21
20# From User:Anix Alexander Christopher Time:06-04-2013 03:56:17
21# From User:Shalu Thomas Time:06-04-2013 08:48:57
22# From User:Omanakuttan Kuttan Time:03-04-2013 18:06:47
Message:kandu nokkatte...
23# From User:Ajeesh Ktr Time:06-04-2013 22:21:48
Message:the thadiya
24# From User:Arjun Pillai Time:07-04-2013 08:23:46
Message:Super Movie<3. <3.
25# From User:Jose Kathicode Time:07-04-2013 18:43:25
Message:good movie,....i like this movie....
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